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Easter & Lenten Clip Art

A few samples of Lenten themed clip art found in the index below.
This collection includes many topics associated with the forty days of Lent, Passion Week, and the days immediately following Easter Sunday until the Ascension of Christ.

Lent (Latin: Quadragesima: Fortieth) is a solemn religious observance in the liturgical calendar that begins on Ash Wednesday and ends approximately six weeks later, before Easter Sunday. The purpose of Lent is the preparation of the believer through prayer, doing penance, repentance of sins, almsgiving, atonement, and self-denial. This event is observed in the Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, Methodist, and Roman Catholic Churches. Some Anabaptist and evangelical churches also observe the Lenten season. Its institutional purpose is heightened in the annual commemoration of Holy Week, marking the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, which recalls the tradition and events of the New Testament beginning on Friday of Sorrows, further climaxing on Jesus' crucifixion on Good Friday, which ultimately culminates in the joyful celebration on Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Read more...
All graphics/illustrations/clip art on this web journal are free to download and use for personal art projects, church related hard copy or webpages. Images are not to be redistributed in any other collections of clip art online. Please include a link back to this web journal if you use the materials for web articles.

Mardi Gras & Fat Tuesday:
  1.  Dinner in Venice
  2. "Mardi Gras" in face mask
  3. Gondolas at dusk...
  4. A Carnival Mask
  5. The Mardi Gras Flag
  6. The King's Crown
  7. A Medallion Shaped Graphic for Mardi Gras
  8. Parading figures for Mardi Gras
Ash Wednesday:
  1. Ash Wednesday Cross
  2. Ash Wednesday Graveyard
  3. My Little Ash Girl
Palm Sunday: 
  1. A New Palm Sunday Set
  2. Hosanna Palms
  3. Mark 11:9
  4. Jesus comes to Jerusalem as King
  5. Palm for Sunday - Palmsonntag
  6. Palm Sunday
  7. Luke 18:31-34
  8. Palm Crosses
The Lord's Supper:
  1. Eastern Orthodox children carry icons
  2. The Lord's Supper
  3. The last supper painting
Good Friday:
  1. Illustrated and Illuminated Scripture for Lent
  2. "Christ Falling on the Way to Calvary"
  3. Down From The Cross
  4. John 19:36
  5. John 19:2, 3
  6. Michelangelo Buonarroti, Pieta
  7. "Scripture Might Be Fulfilled"
  8. Flagellation of Christ
Christ's Crucifixion:
  1. Judas Betrays Christ
  2. A cross including the Gospel books
  3. Galatians 2:20 in both English and Spanish texts
  4. INRI Clip Art
  5. Anglo Saxon Crucifix
  6. The Cross of Calvary
  7. John 19:2,3
  8. Illustrated and Illuminated Scripture for Lent 
  9. "I Thirst!"
  10. Mourning Jesus
  11. Ash Wednesday Graveyard
  12. The Cross of Calvary
  13. Rosary
  14. On The Cross
  15. The Lord Over All
  16. "The Wailing"
  17. Forever Brought Together
Resurrection Sunday or Easter Sunday: 
  1. In His Resurrection There Is Hope!
  2. Purple Crown of Thorns
  3. The Empty Tomb 
  4. Pâques Clip Art
  5. Easter Hymns Illustrated 
  6. A Choir Boy Sings, "He Is Risen!" 
  7. "Hosanna!" for Easter
  8. Green Grassy Cross
  9. Luke 24:46-47
  10. A Symbol of Immortality
  11. Waiting at The Empty Tomb
  12. A "T" shaped title for Easter 
  13. "Faith at The Cross" in Liturgical Colors - white backgrounds 
  14. "Faith at The Cross" for Black Web Pages
  15. The Hope of Israel 
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