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Christian Symbols for Chrismon Crafts

Samples of the Christian/Chrismon patterns found in the following collection.
This collection includes historic Christian symbols visitors may use for crafts. I will include explanations of the symbols.
All graphics/illustrations/clip art on this web journal are free to download and use for personal art projects, church related hard copy or webpages. Images are not to be redistributed in any other collections of clip art online. Please include a link back to this web journal if you use the materials for web articles. Link to
Patterns for Christmas Trees or Specifically Chrismon Trees: I have included both ancient and contemporary patterns here now. Print out the explanations and scriptures for teaching and sharing with your church members this coming Christmas/Advent season.
  1. Babe In The Manger Symbol
  2. A 16th Century Pomegranate Design for Chrismons
  3. Three Sun Symbols for a Chrismon Christmas Tree
  4. A Simple Fleur De Lys
  5. The Magen David Symbol
  6. A Tudor Wild Rose Design
  7. A Tudor Rose Medallion including stem and leaves 
  8. Three Rings Represent The Trinity
  9. Grape Patterns for Chrismon Trees
  10. The Passion Cross or the Calvary Cross
  11. The Peacock Symbol
  12. The Greek Cross Chrismon Pattern
  13. Sheaves of Wheat for a Chrismon Tree 
  14. The Cross of Glory Chrismon
  15. The Escallop Sea Shell 
  16. Trinity Emblems With The Name of God in Hebrew
  17. Olive Branch Chrismon Pattern 
  18. Cross of Constantine Pattern - two versions
  19. Italian Lamb of God for Chrismons
  20. The Phoenix Rising as A Christian Symbol 
  21. The Divine Hand of Christ Chrismon 
  22. The Fish Symbol or ICHTHYS
  23. The Eagle With Her Eaglets Chrismon Symbol...
  24. "IHS" Plus a Crown Pattern for Chrismons
  25. Lion and Palm Leaves Chrismon
  26. The Lion Symbol
  27. Saint Andrew's Cross Chrismon Pattern
  28. Seraphim in The Throne Room...
  29. The Gospel Cross Chrismon 
  30. The Descending Dove or Divine Dove Symbol
  31. The Thistle Symbol
  32. A Cross Confirmation Banner by Kathy Grimm
  33. An Epiphany Star Pattern for a Chrismon Tree
  34. Davidic Harp Chrismon Patterns 
  35. Ancient Laurel Crown Symbolism
  36. The Virgin Holding Baby Jesus Chrismon
  37. The Latin Cross Pattern
  38. The Crown Symbol for a Chrismon Christmas Tree
  39. Sword Symbols in Chrismons
  40. Planet Earth Symbol
  41. Ancient Woven Cross Pattern 
  42. The Creator's Hand Symbol
  43. Trinity ring symbols from the catacombs... 
  44. The Anchor/Cross Symbol 
  45. Combined Triangle, Trinitarian, Dove Symbol
  46. Dove With Olive Branch Symbol 
  47. An Inhabited Cross Chrismon
  48. Embroider a Red Rose to Represent Christ's Passion
  49. The Open Bible Chrismon 
  50. The Savior's Anchor Symbol 
  51. Chalice Pattern No. 1 for Chrismons
  52. Luther's Rose From 1530 
  53. Lamp Symbolism for Chrismons
  54. Two Sacred Heart Symbols
  55. The Crown of Martyrdom
  56. The Trinity Fish Symbols
  57. Two Pelican Chrismon Symbols 
  58. The Heart Symbol for Chrismons
  59. The Creator of Souls Chrismon 
  60. Cherubim Chrismon Pattern
  61. A Shamrock Chrismon Symbol 
  62. Bell Symbolism for Chrismon Ornaments 
  63. Three Crown of Thorns Chrismon Patterns 
  64. Early Trinity Symbols in Chrismons
  65. The Divine Three In One 
  66. The Seven Candles Symbol 
  67. Crosses from The Christian Celts  
  68. Three gold patterned papers for Chrismon crafting 
  69. The Eagle is The Gospel of St. John's Symbol 
  70. The Ox is The Gospel of St. Luke's Symbol
  71. The Man With Wings is The Gospel of St. Matthew's Symbol
  72. The Lion is The Gospel of St. Mark's Symbol 
A Chrismon tree is a Christmas tree decorated with explicitly Christian symbols in white and gold. First introduced by American Lutherans in 1957, the practice rapidly spread to other Christian denominations, including Anglicans, Catholics, Methodists, and the Reformed.
       The Word "Chrismon" (plural "Chrismons") was adopted for a type of Christmas decoration and explained as a portmanteau of "CHRISt-MONOgram" (a Christogram) first by Frances Kipps Spencer for her congregation's Christmas tree.
      Originally, the women who developed Chrismon ornaments intended for their designs and ideas to also be given away and not mass marketed for profit. In fact, they developed their Chrismon tree display as a kind of personal protest against the commercialism of Christmas. But as all good Christmas ideas eventually become marketable product in America, so went the ways of supply and demand for the ornaments.
       Frances Kipp Spencer's original versions are primarily made from beaded patterns and interested crafters can order her original patterns along with supplies at Rufty's Chrismon Shop here.
       Fortunately for us, there are many free patterns still available on the web for those of you who may be feeling a bit poor and deflated by all the commercial speculation and doublespeak surrounding the Spencer Chrismons. Your Christmas can still be about Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Man. Just click on the links above in my listing to find both free patterns and creative ideas about decorating your very own Chrismon tree this Christmas.

More Free Patterns for Crafting Chrismon Ornaments:
Sample Chrismon craft projects from my family Christmas blog. I've linked to these below.
Christmas Ornament Crafts for Chrismon Trees at my Christmas blog: Most of my versions are made from paper mache, fabric, clay and wire.
  1. Craft Easy Nativity Star Ornaments
  2. Make a Vintage 1950s Popsicle Stick Angel
  3. Craft an Ornament of The Baby Jesus in His Manger
  4. A Triquetra Knot Chrismon, Cut from A Sherensnitte
  5. A Manger Scherenscnitte Pattern by Kathy Grimm
  6. Craft a Communion Cup for The Chrismon Tree
  7. Craft Tear Drop Shaped Chrismons with Shells
  8. Craft An Anchored Chrismon Cross
  9. Craft a Papier Mâché Chrismon Candle
  10. Craft a Dove Chrismon, Symbolic of The Holy Spirit
  11. Craft the Three Nails and a Fish Chrismon
  12. Craft baby Jesus in a walnut shell 
  13. Handmade Pearl Ornament
  14. Craft a beaded cross
  15. A Sheave of Wheat Chrismon
  16. The Open Bible Chrismon
Video by Green Hill Presbyterian Church
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