Statement of Faith

Below are the beliefs that all volunteers at Christian Clip Art Review share in.

       Our staff volunteers share the most important common beliefs stated within the context of the Apostles Creed. We interpret the statement made to the affect of "He, meaning Christ, descended into hell," to mean that, Jesus suffered for our transgressions because He was perfect and had no sin of his own to pay for. We believe that his death on the cross was punishment enough for the sin of all mankind, we don't really know "what" he did while he was in the grave. Don't write to argue with us about something we don't have a clue about. Everyone will know what Christ did for this brief time after we get to Heaven. For those of you who must know this in order to share a common brotherhood with us, we believe you may be suffering from a bit of egotism. God gives the information to his children that is the most essentially needed for their survival. We can hardly expect him to reveal more than this, given the fact that we do not remember the fundamentals nor practice these truths nearly enough. He is bigger than us. He knows more than we do. Keep on, livin' on.
      We believe in sharing our gifts with many Christian followers peacefully and with confident faith that God will use these gifts in His ministry across a greater variety of denominations and different Christian peoples universally. How and why do we believe this? There have been many followers who have struggled to bring the Bible to a world that uses it for understanding God's mind and heart. And yet, at the very same time, there are many folks who abuse the scriptures just as radically. We give for the benefit of those who will use the resources to spread the Gospel. We cannot realistically expect that there won't be those who misuse these privileges. We believe in taking chances for God rather than worrying over these possibilities. Just as God believes in taking chances for the redemption of His new creations, rather than primarily focusing on those who refuse Jesus' free gift of Grace. Below are the basic beliefs and ideas that our volunteer staff share in common with one another in love, peace and joy.
      We believe in The Holy Trinitarian God, and that He is the only God, who is maker of Heaven and Earth.
      We believe that Christ was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary.
      We believe that Jesus Christ is the Second Person of the Holy Trinity and the very Messiah promised to those who believe in Him on the basis of faith. We believe these are the true children of Abraham, the spiritual children that live forever and are as numerous as the stars above.
      We believe that the Holy Spirit indwells all receptive Christian peoples.
      We believe in a universal catholic church. This church is made up of those who depend on Salvation By Grace Alone. This Grace is not predetermined by your church affiliation, but by God, Himself. God will use you wherever you have been "planted." This means that He may very well intend for you to be serving right where you are for the benefit of Jesus' Gospel. We do not exist in order to persuade you to leave your church, we believe God can use ordinary folks, like yourself, to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ no matter which church you attend. This does not mean, however, that we do not have our own preferences. It just means that we are aware of many believers who are sincere and dedicated to Christ from many walks of life.
      We also believe that if you are indeed saved by Grace that the Holy Spirit will cause you to suffer under conviction for your sins while you still remain in a sinful world, in an imperfect body. He does this in order to change you, grow you up, make you a blessing for fellow sufferers, etc... He has many reasons.
      We also believe that redeemed people do not work for their salvation, but because of their salvation. When a person's heart is touched by God, that person actively repents and changes in behavior and attitude, sometimes on a daily basis. (At least, we hope so.)
      We believe Jesus was crucified, died, and was buried and then He rose again on the third day after His death on the cross.
      We believe that people's sins are forgiven by Christ's atonement on the cross and that no man or anything else can separate believer's from the destiny God has mapped out for their lives, if they except this Grace. This grace is all sufficient for any human being's ultimate salvation.
      We believe in the power of prayer. In fact, we'd love for you to pray for us right now. Man, do we need it.
      We believe that The Bible is the completed collection of God's Holy Word for mankind. Not every Tom, Dick, or Harry is qualified to interpret it. But, if you study the Bible within the context it was written, a believer will be able to discern God's instruction for his or her daily living and God's revealed Gospel of Grace throughout Biblical history. We believe that although God used men to write down His words, and although they had their very own cultural practices, these men where still mere "instruments" of God's own choosing, not dictators of their own beliefs. Indeed we believe that the word of God is most offensive to those who live contrary to God's purposes, by the desires of their own flesh and that this is the true reason for their arguments against the Bible. It is not that the God of scripture is unfair or untrustworthy. In fact, He is steadfast and loving to the bitter end. It is man who is disloyal, weak minded, and lacking in compassion for others. It is man who shapes the politics of war and hatred, not Jesus. We believe the Holy Scriptures are very consistent about God's revelations and about His heart because He oversaw it's transcription.
      We believe that all souls live, or die spiritually, forever. Not all souls live in the Glory of God. We believe that there are some souls that live under the anger of God because they never choose to follow after Christ and live by His Grace. We believe that only God knows the difference between redeemed saint and a willful, lost sinner. Believers are required to walk humbly, speak tenderly, and love (respect) their fellow creatures. Only God, Himself can be trusted to judge our fellow man fairly and accurately at all times, under all circumstances. If you treat all peoples with respect and gentleness and renew your trust in The Lord daily, you will be made agreeable to the direction of the Holy Spirit living inside of you. He will enable you to do The Father's will.
      We believe that Jesus is seated at the right hand of God the Father and that He will return to earth again, someday, to judge the living and the dead. We believe this return will be in His Heavenly Glory. He will not return again as a baby through the womb of a woman and no man can discern the exact date in time that this will take place, Christ has spoken. We also believe that fighting among Christians over the "how" of Revelations is a waste of time. Revelations is inevitable. But, we do not know exactly how it will take place. We do know the end of it, however, God wins, Amen.
      On behalf of our fellow men, we would also like to express that we believe that Jesus loves and grows others in Grace, in His own time, according to their needs and dispositions. Sometimes this does not "look" like what others expect. God is perfect, He does not change. His people do need change, however, and this takes time. Salvation is applied to a believer on the basis of a faith transfered to him by Christ alone. This does not mean that a believer won't take time to grow up. It means that if a believer in Christ should die in his flesh at any given moment, Grace will suffice for his salvation from a state of being/place most commonly referred to as Hell.(living under God's wrath) However, Christians are redeemed "sinners." This means they start out bad and end up looking more and more like the goodness we see in Jesus. God remakes Christians in the image of His beloved Son. They can not ever replace Jesus but, they can reflect the heart of Jesus to a fallen world. This love influences many people for God's purposes and brings many to redemption through Christ.

So let us encourage you, lift you up in prayer, all who venture into our web pages and give you the peace of God. Please take and use these online resources for the greater good of Christ, Jesus. Amen.

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