Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Tudor Rose Medallion including stem and leaves....

       Rose symbolism attained a deeper complexity when contrasted with the rose's thorns. This contrast inspired the Christian Latin poet Coelius Sedulius, who wrote (between 430-450) a very elaborate comparison between Eve, our first mother, and Mary, the Mother of Jesus our Savior. He illustrated the parallelism already made by Justin Martyr (around 150) and developed it in a deep poetic and doctrinal liturgical teaching in his Easter song, Carmen paschal.
       The rose was a privileged symbol for Mary, Queen of heaven and earth. We see this development later during the Middle Ages, when the rose became an attribute of many other holy women, including Elizabeth of Hungary, Elizabeth of Portugal, Casilda of Toledo, and for the martyrs in general. The rose is even a symbol for Christ himself, as seen in the German Christmas song, "es ist ein 'Rose' entsprungen."

"The Singers, a choir based in Newcastle upon Tyne, rehearsing the German Christmas carol Es ist ein Rose entsprungen by Michael Praetorius for their Xmas Concerts 2006.
A very happy Xmas and a peaceful and fulfilling 2009 to all."

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