Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Simple Fleur De Lys

Use this simple Fleur De Lys pattern to
design your own Chrismons.

      The origin of this emblem appears to be lost in the haze of antiquity, whether we regard it heraldically or symbolically.
       Some suppose the common form to have first originated in the spear-head, so far, at least, as it is used as a charge in heraldry.
       Whether this be so or not, there is no doubt that a lily of some sort has usually been intended. A royal flower, even kin the days of Pliny --(flos rosae nobilitate proximus)-- the lily was regarded as a badge of royalty and dominion, whence its assumption by the Frank princes as their badge.
       Clovis, the first Christian king, is credited with its direct reception from heaven by the ministry of an angel; but Louis VII. of France was the first to bear it on his seal, in 1137.

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