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Acts Clip Art Index

About:  This book in the very beginning, professes itself to be a continuation of the Gospel of Luke; and its style bespeakes it to be written by the same person. The external evidence is also very satisfactory; for besides allusions in earlier authors, and particularly in Clement of Rome, Polycarp, and Justin Martyr, the Acts of the Apostles are not only quoted by Irenaeus, as written by Luke the evangelist, but there are few things recorded in this book which are not mentioned by that ancient father. This strong testimony in favor of the genuineness of the Acts of the Apostles, is supported by Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian, Jerrome, Eusebius, Theodore, and most of the later fathers. It may be added, that the name of St. Luke is prefixed to this book in several ancient Greek manuscripts of the New Testament, and also in the old Syriac version.
A few clip art samples from the Acts Clip Art Index.
All graphics/illustrations/clip art on this web journal are free to download and use for personal art projects, church related hard copy or webpages. Images are not to be redistributed in any other collections of clip art online. Please include a link back to this web journal if you use the materials for web articles. Link back to http://christianclipartreview.blogspot.com

Sometimes multiple scripture using the same image are uploaded onto the same page. Keep looking on the post and you will find that there is a scripture from the Book of The Bible it is listed under here.
  1. Scriptures to Remember - Acts 20: 36
  2. All Tied UP! - Acts 8:23
  3. The Conversion of St. Paul - book of Acts
  4. God is Generous to His People - Acts 14: 17-18 and Acts 17: 26, 27
  5. Illuminated Scriptures About Prayer - Acts 16:26
  6. Ships on Stormy Seas - Acts 27: 23-26
  7. The I AM Statements of Jesus from The New Testament - Acts 9:5 and Acts 7:32
  8. Illustrated and Illuminated Scripture for Lent - Acts 3:15
  9. Quotes From Saint Paul - Acts 22:21
  10. "Run The Race" - Acts 20:23-24
  11. Saul Became Paul - story found in Acts Chapter 9
  12. The Stoning of Stephen - Acts 7:59
  13. Paul and Silas Singing in Prison - found in Acts Chapter 16
  14. Day of Pentecost - based upon Acts Chapter 2
  15. Jesus, The Light of Men - Acts 13:47 
  16. Scriptures with a green flower - Acts 22:11 
  17. Study his word by lamp light - Acts 17:11 
  18. Falling Sorrows - Acts 8:2 
  19. The Choir In Gold - Acts 16:25

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