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Holy Trinity Clip Art (Christian Symbolism)

Sample clip art of Christian, Trinity Symbolism included in the listing below.
Holy Trinity clip art under this file include Christian symbolism. Most of the depictions combine either God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit or illustrations and symbols of The Second and Third persons of the Trinity, that would be Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I have also included clip art of each member of the Holy Trinity alone.
All graphics/illustrations/clip art on this web journal are free to download and use for personal art projects, church related hard copy or webpages. Images are not to be redistributed in any other collections of clip art online. Please include a link back to this web journal if you use the materials for web articles. Link to

Three in One - Symbolic Depictions of The Holy Trinity: 
  1. Trinity Symbols: Pop Art Style
  2. Very Old Depiction of The Holy Trinity
  3. St. Aidan of Lindisfarene with Trinity Symbol
  4. Classic Trinity Knot (marbled paper)
  5. The Resurrection Easter Egg
  6. The Trinity in Creation Scriptures
  7. The Trinity Shield
  8. The Trinity in French
  9. Fishy Trinity
  10. Confession Clip Art
  11. The Flaming IHC
  12. Baptism of The Savior (Trinity Symbols)
  13. Illuminated Trinity
  14. Orthodox Trinity Portrait
God The Father...
  1. Alpha and Omega Radiant (with Bible)
  2. Alpha and Omega Cross
  3. The Alpha and Omega (scripture)
  4. Alpha and Omega Inside The Bible
  5. The Everlasting Gospel Window
God The Son...
  1. The Mercy Seat
  2. Matthew 18:20 (Second and Third persons of The Holy Trinity praying with believer's hands)
  3. Jesus Intercedes On Our Behalf
  4. Jesus surrounded by his followers... (second person of Trinity hand sign)
  5. The Last Supper Painting (second person of Trinity hand sign)
  6. "Behold The Lamb" in liturgical colors
  7. John Baptizes Jesus with Holy Spirit Descending
God The Holy Spirit...
  1. Divine Peace
  2. Descending Dove
  3. A dove on an Easter egg
  4. Day of Pentecost
  5. The Holy Spirit at Pentecost
  6. Pentecost Banner
  7. Pentecost Dove
  8. Pentecost (apostles and Mary)
More About Trinity Symbols:
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