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I am a art educator k-12 and college, illustrator and studio painter. I love teaching both children and adults about anything connected to the arts. When I am not in class or the studio, I am blogging about all kinds of artistic interests online.

I will be covering topics relating to the publishing of church websites, parochial schools, bulletins, newsletters and email here. The artifacts and clip art in this journal may be freely incorporated into your publishing. However, graphics and Illustrations are not to be included in any other online  collections of clip art or sold/redistributed for profits and incentives. Link to the domain, http://christianclipartreview.blogspot.com/ if you should use the work online underneath the clip art image. (in the caption)

Enjoy, Donna (Kathy) Grimm

    Contact Information: Simply fill out the comment form below and I will answer relevant questions quickly if possible.

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