Saturday, March 11, 2017

Do you have any suggestions concerning return links?

Here is a list of considerations when applying to other web masters for a link. Ask yourself the questions below before approaching someone about a linking partnership.

1. Does the website have similar content?
2. Would the website owner consider you competition?
3. Does the website already carry corporate advertising? If so, they are probably under a contract with that specific company and can not oblige some requests even if they would like to.
4. Does your product or content compliment the product or content of the website you would like traffic from and vice versa?
5. Would the owners consider your content immoral or unethical?
6. Would visitors from their web pages be offended by your content?
7. Do there appear to be other links like your own on their website already?
8. How old is the site? Is it possible that it is abandoned?

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