Thursday, March 9, 2017

How often should I blog in order to have a "successful" blog?

      My answer to this question largely depends upon how many posts your blog already has and what type of content is in your blog to begin with.
      If you have a relatively medium sized blog of 65 to 100 posts, I recommend you update the blog within every 14 to 24 days. If your blog is over 300 posts, once a month is sufficient enough of an update. The fewer number of posts you have the more frequently you should make updates. Of course, none of this advice is necessary if you are keeping a blog for yourself, friends and family. Blogs are extremely personal for the majority of people and they need not conform to any demands of publishing as a rule, for those of you blogging for personal reasons.
      My opinions about numbers of posts are based upon statistics for ministry blogs alone. The successful ministry blog is measured by many varied pieces of information accumulated together. The number of posts is only one factor to take into consideration but it can be a very important one. Each post on a ministry blog, if possible, should number approximately 150 words. Each post should average four outside links and two internal page links.
       For those of you who read my blogs, you may have noticed that I do not always do this. But when giving professional advice to others, I try to speak to the truth of what I know to be the best advice possible for page ranking. There are certainly other web masters out there who are better bloggers than me and I know that these bloggers are meticulous about what to include in their posts.

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