Sunday, May 7, 2017

He Maketh Intercession for Us

He Maketh Intercession for Us
by Charles Davis Platt

WHEN the worn heart is bowed with secret grief,
And filled with bitter thoughts or trembling fears;
When the vexed spirit clamors for relief
And all the soul is bathed in hidden tears,
Then like an infant let it raise the cry
That quickly brings the God of Comfort nigh.

'Tis silent sorrow overwhelms the soul. 
'Tis the sharp pang no earthly friend can share,
But One there is who hastens to console
The heart that falters, tottering in despair;
The Comforter, our promised heavenly friend,
Has sovereign power the broken heart to mend.

For when we scarce can voice our deepest need,
Sunk 'neath our burden of unuttered prayer,
He stands before the throne to intercede,
Presenting all our woe and all our care;
With eloquence unutterable He cries,
And He that spared not His own Son replies.

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