Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Communion Clip Art Index

Above are a few clip art samples representing communion.
Thus far the communion clip art found in this index is: grapes, wine, wheat, bread, communion cups, historic from scripture and from Christian history.

All graphics/illustrations/clip art on this web journal are free to download and use for personal art projects, church related hard copy or webpages. Images are not to be redistributed in any other collections of clip art online. Please include a link back to this web journal if you use the materials for web articles. Link to
  1. Wheat frame
  2. Grape cluster banner
  3. Small, colorful clusters of grapes
  4. Black and white illustrations of chalices
  5. Grape picking
  6. The living bread
  7. The precious Lamb of God
  8. The last supper painting
  9. Illustration of a chalice
  10. Communion artifacts
  11. We are one body: white text
  12. We are one body: solid colored backgrounds
  13. The Lord's Supper
  14. John 14:20
  15. 1 Corinthians 10:17
  16. Communion Grapes
  17. Taking Holy Communion
Page last updated March 1rst, 2017.

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