Samples of religious banners listed below.

      Lois Prahlow is perhaps one of the finest if not, the finest, liturgical designers living in North America today. For many years, I have posted her work and writing on various web pages. My deep felt admiration for her artistic visions has never wavered.

Liturgical Banners by Lois Prahlow.  The following articles were written by Lois Prahlow and transcribed by our staff. All jpgs. located inside of this collection are the property of the gallery. The copyrights of the banner designs and original photographs are the property of Lois Prahlow. Lois lovingly shares her words and images with our visitors in order to inspire, instruct and encourage all Christian congregations through her time and talents. Thank You Lois!

      Most of the church banners located here measure approximately eleven feet in diameter and are traditionally created with felt. The photos are of actual banners that have been handmade by Lois.
Lois also co-authored a books with Donna Rathert and illustrator Gordon Willman in the 1980s called, “Time for Church” and she also wrote “Cheerful Cherubs Bible-centerd Activities for Fun Leisure.” These children’s books are published by Concordia Publishing House.
  • You may contact Lois for commissions and contracts through Linked in.
Liturgical Patterns and Designs by Kathy Grimm: 
Questions about my banner designs? You may write me at pickandprintgallery@yahoo.com

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Links to Church Banner Design.  So your church has asked you to create a banner? We've linked to many people here who have been in your same shoes. You can find lots of help designing church banners on the internet and this is an excellent place to begin!
       There are good folks all over the internet making church banners to celebrate the liturgy, the holidays, scripture, and contemporary events. If you would like our staff to give a link to some of your church banner creations contact the staff.

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