Monday, March 6, 2017

Free Standing Cirular Banner Stand by Lois Prahlow

Designed by Lois Prahlow
Free Standing Circular Banner Stand.
  1. Start with a six foot felt banner.
  2. Half-circle of felt stitched to back of banner 1/4″ from edge of circle
  3. Corrugated plastic is available in 4×8 sheets from sign companies. Cut with x-acto tool.
  4. Insert should be cut 1/2″ less than felt circle
  5. Slots into which Velcro strips are inserted to secure pole to corrugated plastic. Push pins should be pressed through each Velcro piece into wood to prevent slippage.
  6. Corrugated plastic insert, after attachment to pole, is slipped into the loose-bottomed pocket on the back of the banner.
  7. Metal plate and pipe, diameter slightly larger than that of the pole, welded to wheel base. Discarded automobile wheel from junk yard.

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