Monday, March 6, 2017

Tips For Creating Free-Form Lettering by Lois Prahlow

Free patterns above are from Lois Prahlow, all images are copyrighted by Lois and should only be used for personal art projects/church banners. Trace them from your screen or print them out and enlarge these free patterns with a copier.

Here are some simple tips from Lois to help make your next church banner project easy and creative! She has also included some simple patterns for beginners.
  1. Start with the basic shape you want the word to have: even, uneven, curved, etc.
  2. Cut the first letter of the word having the thickness vary, thick to thin. It does not have to be “perfect!” (You might lightly draw in the lines as you begin to learn this technique)
  3. The cutting line of the right side of the first letter becomes the left edge of the second letter. Again, cut this letter using varying, tapering, graceful widths.
  4. The height of the letters will be determined by the top/bottom of the basic shape.
  5. Continue cutting using the cut edge of the previous letter to form the left edge for the next letter. The letters will harmoniously nestle together, and will appear to emerge from one another.
  6. Be consistent in lettering style. Two of the same letter need not be identical in shape, width, or size, just generally similar. If you decide to mix caps with lowercase, be repetitive in the use of that lettering formula.

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