Tuesday, March 7, 2017

"O For the Wings of a Dove" Banner by Kathy Grimm

Make a banner like the one above to celebrate your child's
Baptism or Confirmation.
       A different, fun approach to making a baptismal banner; I used No-Sew to create the banner you see here. But first you will need to cut a white canvas banner to the size you need. Turn under the raw edges and finish them off before you begin your banner. Add a pocket at the top of the banner for a dowel so that the banner may be easy to hang when it is completed.
       Draw a dove onto the cotton background with a soft led pencil prior the bonding the fabrics with your iron also. Avoid filling in the dove with No-Sew scraps until after you have sewn on lace by hand at the end of the project.
       Collect a wide range of blues, greys, and lavender calico. Apply the No-Sew to the backside of the fabrics (follow instructions on package) before cutting long stripes. Then chop up the strips and heat up the iron! Now you are ready to iron the shredded fabrics onto a heavy cotton banner. Make sure to alternate the fabrics
       After you have finished the background of water and sky as you see it in the photo, cut out lace and orange/white fabrics for the dove and halo. I applied the lace for feathers of the dove by hand, using a thread and needle.
       Don't forget to iron a bit of orange fabric onto the water to emphasize the reflection of the dove's halo. The addition of blue's compliment, orange, will make the colors vibrate against one another when viewed at a distance!

See a smaller part of the banner close-up.

"O For the Wings of a Dove" by George
Gensac, France

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