Saturday, April 1, 2017

Banner & Title Clip Art Index

Samples of banners and titles you may use to decorate the top
of a page, of course.
Need a bit of clip art to give a lesson plan, newsletter, or web page some professional polish? Here our visitors will find all kinds of possibilities for a variety of topics.
All graphics/illustrations/clip art on this web journal are free to download and use for personal art projects, church related hard copy or webpages. Images are not to be redistributed in any other collections of clip art online. Please include a link back to this web journal if you use the materials for web articles. Link back to
  1. Baptism by water and fire
  2. A little village...
  3. Performance banner
  4. C A S H title with bags
  5. Banner for your "Answer Department"
  6. Banner of praying hands
  7. The Harp Player Banner
  8. "Happy New Year" with bells
  9. Banners for Christmas Ads 
  10. Angelic Announcement "Christmas Carols"
  11. A band of angels banner
  12. Patriotic bugle banner
  13. Soup is served banner
  14. Twin turkey banner
  15. Funny little snowmen banner
  16. A delightful banner of angels...
  17. Grape cluster banner
  18. The colorful grillwork banners
  19. The "Turkey Walk" banner
  20. The "Glad Tidings" banner 
  21. Swags & Spirals banner
  22. Two classic scrollwork banners
  23. Thistle and ribbon banner
  24. An Eastern caravan silhouette
  25. Banner of little ones eating and drinking
  26. "Thanksgiving" The winning menu
  27. "Thanksgiving Dinner" titles or banners
  28. "Thanksgiving Hilarity" football banner
  29. Banner for film reviews
  30. Theater Banner
  31. "Thanksgiving" Titles in four colors
  32. Pansy banners
  33. A band of angels banner
  34. Illustration of the Nativity in a banner
  35. The illuminated word, "Prayer" for webpages
  36. "One with Christ in Glory" title
  37. A rainbow of "Covenant People" titles 
  38. Pentecost banner
  39. Joshua 24:15 - ribbon banner
  40. Jonah title
  41. Classic angelic banners
  42. A "T" shaped title for Easter 
  43. "Faith at The Cross" in Liturgical Colors - these are for white backgrounds
  44. "Faith at The Cross" for Black Web Pages 
  45. Seen and Heard at The Movies 
  46. Baby's Blocks Titles 
  47. "The Holy Of Holies" in liturgical colors
  48. A patriotic flag banner
  49. For a Glorious Fourth Banner
  50. Stuffed Star Banners (three versions)
  51. Patriotic French Banners
  52. Canadian, Oh Canada! and Canada Titles
  53. "GENESIS" carved titles
  54. Bird of Paradise Banners (five versions) 
  55. Parading figures for Mardi Gras 
  56. Heart banners for Valentine projects 
  57. Holly and bell frame in black and white 
  58. Easter Egg Banners 
  59. Baptism Title in black and white 
  60. Centuries of Theology Titles 
  61. Sheet Music Banner
  62. Stacks of Books - Old & New  
  63. Tools of The Artist 
  64. Ice Cream Social Banner
  65. Lantern Banner for Retreats  
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