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Children Clip Art Index

Four samples of child related clip art found in my collection below.
This clip art file is full of all kinds of children: red and yellow, black and white they are all precious in God's sight...
All graphics/illustrations/clip art on this web journal are free to download and use for personal art projects, church related hard copy or webpages. Images are not to be redistributed in any other collections of clip art online. Please include a link back to this web journal if you use the materials for web articles. Link to

Clip Art of Jesus & The Children:
  1. A greyscale illustration of Jesus and the children
  2. Christ with halo blesses children
  3. A Watercolor of Jesus Blessing Little Children
  4. Riding Piggyback
Clip Art of Modern Children:
  1. "Nobody understands me the way you do" 
  2. A Godly Mother (holds a baby)
  3. 1 Corinthians 13:11
  4. Vintage portrait of a young black student
  5. Laughing Young Girls
  6. Boy With Basketball
  7. The Christmas Prayer (next to Christmas tree)
  8. Eastern Orthodox Children Carry Icons
  9. Banner of little ones eating and drinking
  10. Laughing among the waves...
  11. Psalms 74:16 (little girl in bed, star gazing)
  12. A small boy with a train
  13. Sitting in The Shade (Chinese children with parasol)
  14. Mother and her children reading together
  15. Clipart of fish bowls and clumsy boys
  16. Little Girl Painting with Watercolors
  17. Grape Picking
  18. Remember the Faithful in South Africa
  19. Matthew 19:14 (Native American)
  20. "Run The Race" (child on beach)
  21. Psalm 127: 3,4, and 5 (portrait of little girl)
  22. African Child
  23. What do you see?
  24. My Little Ash Girl
  25. Asian mother and child... 
  26. African American Father and Son
  27. Ready To Pray
  28. The bad man... 
  29. Deep in thought... 
  30. Under the shadow of the Almighty... 
  31. Guardians of Childhood   
  32. "Do you miss me?"
  33. "It must be Mother's Day again" 
Clip Art of Children in The Bible:
  1.  coming soon
Clip Art of Children Praying:
  1. "Ask for it and it shall be given." in Spanish
  2. Praying Child (portrait)
Sunday School Clip Art:
  1. International Rally Day Postcard for All Christians
  2. Get Ready For Rally Day!
  3. Vintage Sunday School Invites
  4. Vintage Rally Day Illustrations
  5. When churches used to post...
VBS Clip Art:
  1. VBS Announcements
  2. Hugs
Birthday Clip Art:
  1. The Birthday Cake
  2. The Children's Birthday Party
  3. Psalm 118:24 Birthday Theme
  4. Little Twinkie Cake
  5. It's Your Birthday!
Sacraments, Dedication, Profession of Faith Clip Art:
  1. Baby Dedication
  2. Confirmed In Christ
Children In Choirs Clip Art:
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