Thursday, August 25, 2016

Adorable Vintage Pie Illustrations

text, "oh boy!, boy wink and holds a slice of pie
Description of the Illustration: restored, tiny pie graphics, These are so sweet and may be used to remind folks to attend a church dinner., People getting ready to eat pie. family, brother, sister, mother, father and grandparents, black and white illustrations

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text, "goody!", mamma holds a steaming pie

mamma carries pie to the table, boy and grandpa wait

pie cooling at window, man grab

text, "yum!", boy eats pie

man wipes his face as he eats pie, so satisfying
"Wisconsin Tradition - Lutefisk Dinner -- Homemade Lefse , 
Rutabagas , Mashed Potatoes , Melted Butter, Meatballs ,
 Homemade Pie , Coffee , Mil" Every year my husband and 
my in-laws religiously attend church dinners like to one
shown in this video.

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