Christian Poetry

       "There is no music in a rest, but there is the making of music in it." In our whole life-melody the music is broken off here and there by "rests," and we foolishly think we have come to the end of the tune. God sends a time of forced leisure, sickness, disappointed plans, frustrated efforts, and makes a sudden pause in the choral hymn of our lives, and we lament that our voices must be silent, and our part missing in the music which ever goes up to the ear of the Creator. How does the musician read the rest? See him beat the time with unvarying count, and catch up the next note true and steady, as if no breaking place had come between.
       Not without design does God write the music of our lives. Be it ours to learn the tune, and not be dismayed at the "rests." They arc not to be slurred over, not to be omitted, not to destroy the melody, not to change the key-note. If we look up, God himself will beat the time for us. With the eye on him, we shall strike the next note full and clear. If we say sadly to ourselves, "There is no music in a rest," let us not forget "there is the making of music in it." The making of music is often a slow and painful process in this life. How patiently God works to teach us! How long he waits for us to learn the lesson! RUSKIN.
  1. Love The Bible by anonymous 
  2. Called Aside 
  3. Now and Then by Rev. W. C. Richards 
  4. Importance of a minute by Bulkeley
  5. Comfort By The Way
  6. Golden Harvest by anonymous 
  7. The Sabbath Morning by Leyden
  8. True and False Principles
  9. A Pilgrim's Song 
  10. Since That Dear Hour by Cowper
  11. Truth by anonymous 
  12. The inevitable result of living, and dying, without Christ by Collings
  13. When Saints of Old by Eaton
  14. Our works can not save us by Collings
  15. Life One Great Ritual by Bailey
  16. Before His Throne by Huntington
  17. A Prayer by Phoebe Cary
  18. Our Lord's Prayer in Verse by Collings
  19. Apostrophe to a butterfly by Palmer
  20. He maketh intercession for us by Platt
  21. Folded Hands by Sophie Bronson Titterington 
  22. Cleansing Fires
  23. Angel of Pain by Saxe Holm
  24. Up Hill by Christiana Rossetti 
  25. An Easter Offering by Ada Stewart Shelton 
  26. Thine Easter Day by Mary Lowe Dickinson
All poems collected here are in the public domain, both in their countries of origin and also in the United States.

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